We are a full-service consultancy, but we lean towards simplification

Our intelligent enterprise solutions optimize the way employees work, improving speed, efficiency and precision by applying latest technologies and state of the art business process solutions:

Commoditized IT

Information technology is information and applications that run your business. Since most business processes are pretty similar, your IT should be generic, stable, unremarkable and low cost to maintain. This preserves your time, attention and investment for technologies that can truly differentiate your business.
Commoditized IT


The advantages of cloud computing are real. Cloud computing enables scalability up & down which can drive efficiencies and capabilities that can not be duplicated on premise. However, the ease and speed of deploying cloud resources, combined with extremely complex pricing models, mandates a new approach to governance and management. Without a new approach, cloud platforms can become expensive, unpredictable, unreliable and insecure.

Build vs Buy

We think the pendulum has swung back a bit on this. Leveraging robust cloud computing development platforms, high-quality, enterprise-class applications can be designed, built and deployed globally at a fraction of the cost it took just a couple years ago. A detailed analysis of IT spending will typically uncover areas where some functionality supported by costly legacy systems or SaaS products can be better served by a custom application. These applications can be more elegantly designed for a specific purpose at a fraction of the TCO.
Build Vs Buy


At our core we are vendor neutral, but thanks to massive investments in their technology stack, office applications, cloud, ERP and CRM systems, we believe Microsoft is a compelling option to simplify your IT and business application landscape. Microsoft isn’t all we do, especially when developing custom cloud applications, but we do lean towards Microsoft if a simplified end-to-end IT landscape is right for your business.

Vendor Management

In the construction industry it is common to engage an expert with a fiduciary responsibility to oversee a project on your behalf [a construction manager]. We think this is a best practice for IT. Engage a construction manager to help pick vendors, negotiate contracts and oversee their work on your behalf. For a small fraction of the project cost you will have expert oversight and quality assurance of deliverables.
Vendor Management
Process driven Innovation

Process Driven Innovation

There is no shortage of bright, shiny, new technologies. And, these technologies can power previously unattainable efficiencies. However, we believe in grounding technology discussions in operational terms including process and organizational redesign.